High Seas Youth Ambassador Blogs

22 June, 2021

Author: Milla Heckler

In the Eastern Tropical Pacific, off the coast of Central America, there is a phenomenon that is persistent enough from year to year to be considered an oceanographic feature – it is referred to as the Costa Rica Thermal Dome and  is an incredible marine biodiversity hotspot. Due to its high levels of biodiversity, the Dome is ripe for scientific discoveries and learning. 

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21 May, 2021

Authors: Olivia Livingstone and John Paul Jose

A fisherman who builds his life around the Ocean, a community whose economy is supported by the Ocean, a beach lover, and you, reading this blog, because of your connection to the Ocean —or your love for reading blogs, are all inextricably linked to the high seas. And this is exactly what we are exploring here, the major links that coastal waters, coastal communities, and humanity share with areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ).

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